Windows 7 how to start in safe mode 2019

Detailed instructions on how to access windows 7 in safe mode. Help you to troubleshoot system errors when installing wrong drives or misconfiguring software

Windows 7 how to start in safe mode 2019

In the process of using win 7 you will inevitably have some errors such as:
- Blue screen - bsod
- Black screen

These errors usually happened when you upgrade the BIOS or download new drivers, or just surf the web and encounter virus.

When a computer fails or the operating system has problems starting up, the problem often lies in the misconfiguration of the recently installed software or driver.

Installation may go smoothly, but when you reboot the system, chances are you'll get an error. If you cannot access the desktop, you will not be able to uninstall the installed program or driver.

Luckily for us, Microsoft supports an internal Windows tool called Safe Mode to help you fix the above problems. Safe Mode is a "bare-bone" version of the Windows operating system, it only has the necessary drivers for booting the system, allowing you to access the desktop without any settings or intervention of other software.

Once you have entered the desktop, you can completely fix the problem, eliminate the problem and start the system normally.

windows 7 how to start in safe mode

To enter Safe Mode, we need to follow these steps:

You can see Safe Mode in the Advanced Boot Options menu

  • Turn on or restart the computer
  • Wait until the computer starts hardware and prepare to load the operating system.
  • Press and hold the F8 key while waiting for the Windows logo to appear. If the Windows logo appears or if the operating system starts to load, you need to restart the computer to perform this task again.
  • The Advanced Boot Options screen for Windows will appear. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select Safe Mode and press Return.
  • If you need Internet or network access in Safe Mode, select Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Windows will boot in Safe Mode. When the desktop appears, it will display 'Safe Mode' in all four corners of the screen to let you know that you are in special mode.
  • When finished, click Start, Shut Down, Restart to restart the computer as usual.

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