Windows 7 how to print screen

Detailed instructions on how to take a screenshot of windows 7 using 2 tools available in the computer, not everyone knows the key print screen (Print Scr) and the snipping tool

Windows 7 how to print screen

windows 7 how to print screen

You can use the software to take a screenshot of your computer screen, but you can simply take a screenshot of your computer with 2 ways to capture a screen image of your Windows 7 computer without using the software.

How to capture windows 7 screen

Method 1: Use the Print Screen key (Print Scr)

To be able to capture a computer screen with the Print Screen key, you can combine the Fn + Print Screen or Alt + Print Screen keys depending on the computer.

After taking a screenshot of the computer screen on win 7, we open the paint software to get the image. Or you can use Word, Outlook

Note: If you do not know how to open the side, you can see how to open the paint

After opening the paint software, press Ctrl + v to get a picture of the computer image.

To save, press Ctrl + S or go to the small triangle icon and select Save.

You choose the location you want to select, OK.

Method 2: capture computer screen on win 7 with SNIPPING TOOL

In addition to screen capture in the first way, windows 7 also provides us with a screen capture software that is Snipping Tool. The screen capture software I found used is also very good and easy to use.

To use the Snipping Tool you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Snipping Tool by going to start importing Snipping Tool into the search box and in the Programs section select Snipping Tool

Step 2: After clicking Snipping Tool you will see the interface of the Snipping Tool.

To take a screenshot, choose New

Step 3: To take a picture, you use the mouse to select the image you want to release. And click on the save icon to save the captured image.

Depending on the situation, choose one of the two ways to take a screenshot of your computer screen!

So has guided you 2 ways to take screen capture on window 7; with 2 ways to take computer screen shots like this, it can assist you in work or study

Good luck!

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