Shutdown timer windows 10

Shutdown timer on win 10, in 4 ways: shutdown command - task scheduler - shutdown by shortcut - after downloading by IDM program

Shutdown timer windows 10

The ways to turn off the computer automatically

Turn off the computer after downloading with IDM

Step 1: Click on the clock Scheduler icon then click Create new queue

 Wonhowto shutdown windows timer

Step 2: After creating the scheduler, check the box Turn off compuuter when done

Wonhowto shutdown windows timer by idm
Step 3: Go out of IDM's main screen to have the files loading, select those files then right-click and choose move to queue and choose the queue by the name you set in the previous step

wonhowto windows timer by idm set up queue

Step 4: And when you want to start installing this schedule, click on the drop down icon and select Start Schedule as shown below

In case you accidentally choose the wrong file or have not selected all the files to download, just select it again and tick delete from queue.

Wonhowto windows timer by idm delete queue

Timer turns off the computer with CMD command

With the following simple CMD command, you can schedule a computer shutdown after a certain period of time. First, open CMD with Windows + R shortcut key and enter the following command, or on Windows 10 you can enter the command directly into the search bar:

shutdown -s -t 300

Wonhowto windows shutdown command

In the computer shutdown command on:

shutdown: Turn off the computer

-s: shutdown stands

-t: Abbreviation of time

300: The number of seconds remaining before the command is executed, you can change 300 (300 seconds, equivalent to 5 minutes) to whatever time interval you want.

Turn off the following computer:

1 minute: shutdown -s -t 60.

5 minutes: shutdown -s -t 300.

10 minutes: shutdown -s -t 600.

15 minutes: shutdown -s -t 900.

30 minutes: shutdown -s -t 1800.

1 hour: shutdown -s -t 3600.

2 hours: shutdown -s -t 7200.

3 hours: shutdown -s -t 10800.

4 hours: shutdown -s -t 14400.

5 hours: shutdown -s -t 18000.

After entering the command you will receive a small notification in the right corner of the screen, indicating the time the computer will turn off.

Wonhowto shutdown command right screen

Notice that the time will turn off the computer

If you need to cancel the timer to turn off the computer you just created, simply press Windows + R and then enter the following command or enter the command into the search bar on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP:

shutdown -a

Then the computer shutdown timer command message will be canceled as shown below:

Wonhowto windows shutdown command right screen signed out

The computer shutdown timer command has been canceled

Turn off the timer using the Task Scheduler for several days

Performing a shutdown via the Shutdown command in part 1 can only be performed once a shutdown timer and when you want to continue working, the computer will still turn off at the set time. Here, if you use Scheduler, you can schedule a computer shutdown for several days with the available calendar and overcome the above disadvantages.

Step 1: Type keyword Scheduler to open Task Scheduler

Wonhowto task scheduler for windows 10
Step 2: Click on Create Basic Task:

wonhowto schedule a shutdown
Step 3: Enter the name you want to set for the task, for example here shutdown -> click Next:

wonhowto task scheduler in windows
Step 4: Select the time to apply the shutdown, for example, select Daily to set daily shutdown, weekly: weekly ... Option according to your wishes and work -> click Next:

wonhowto scheduler task
Step 5: Select automatic shutdown time and start date for this setting. In the Recur Every section apply the daily setting -> click Next:

wonhowto scheduler task time 

Step 6: Click Start program -> Next:

wonhowto scheduler task star
Step 7: In the Program / Script entry Shutdown, in the Add Argument entry / S / F (between / S and / F contains spaces) -> click Next:

wonhowto scheduler task time 

Step 8: Finally click Finish and you have finished the task of automatic shutdown timer:

wonhowto scheduler task finish
- So you have scheduled a daily shutdown, but in order for the shutdown to be accurate and can be customized in some cases you need to make more choices later. Click on the newly created Shutdown task:

wonhowto scheduler task edit
+ Right click on Shutdown -> Properties:

wonhowto task scheduler for windows properties
+ In the General tab selected to Run only when user is logged on to prioritize running this task -> click OK:

wonhowto Run only when user is logged on
+ Move to the Conditions tab to make changes as in the frame (you can change another time value). For example, here select 30 minutes instant value during the Shutdown task run it check within 30 minutes before turning off the computer if you are still using the keyboard or mouse, the machine will wait another 30 minutes to perform shutdown. This feature is excellent when you want to work with your computer:

wonhowto schedule a shutdown Conditions

+ Finally move to the Settings tab to change features like frames. This configuration aims to:

- If the Shutdow task runs incorrectly on the first run it will automatically restart after 30 minutes.

- If the task runs more than 1 hour compared to the time you set the computer to shut down in the task, the task stops running, ie it does not shut down the computer at the scheduled time and the computer will only turn off when you turn it off.

Wonhowto schedule a shutdown Settings
- The value of running time and running time is higher than the scheduled time, you can customize as you like.

- If you have missed the night work routine and want to remove the shutdown timer, right-click on the task and select Delete

Wonhowto schedule a shutdown delete

Automatic computer shutdown by shortcut

To create the Shutdown.exe shortcut, do the following:

Step 1: Right click on the desktop> New> Shortcut

wonhowto shutdown windows timer shortcut

Step 2: Browse to the Shutdown.exe file that usually has the C: Windows System32 Shutdown.exe> ​​Next

Wonhowto shutdown windows timer shortcut exe

Step 3: Name the shortcut> Finish

Step 4: Right-click the newly created shortcut and select Properties

Step 5: In the Target box enter the following command to shutdown

-s: Turn off the device
-l: Log off
-r: Restart the device

wonhowto shortcut

Step 6: Enter -t xx after the above command to schedule a shutdown (xx is the number of seconds waiting to shutdown)

Step 7: Add -c "text" after the above command to say something when the computer is turned off

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