How to use chromebook camera

A guide to using the camera on the chromebook to take a picture or record a video and at the same time answer the error of not turning the camera on the chromebook

How to use chromebook camera

how to use chromebook camera

  1. If you haven't logged in to your Chromebook, log in
  2. Go to Camera by clicking on the menu button in the bottom left corner of the desktop then select the camera. If you do not see, type the camera in the search app camera box will appear
  3. When you open the application, you will see 2 photos and video capture buttons
  4. Click on the capture button to take a picture. Accomplished

Here you will have many buttons to customize

1. Use the timer to take a picture. Clicking on the timer icon will usually leave about 5 self shots

2. If the chromebook has 2 cameras, there will be an icon for you to switch the camera to, usually, the front camera and the back camera like the phone

3. If you do not know how to align it straight in the middle of the frame, select the tongue icon

4. The settings that click on the gear shape will have a set of settings for you like color tones of normal, vintage, cinema…. Or hdr, draw mode

5. You can take multiple photos at the same time if you click on multiple shots with multiple squares stacked

To view the pictures you have taken, go to the right corner of the app [go to gallery]

1. You can enlarge the photo you like

2. Delete the photos you have not found good

3. To save the image, please click the save button

4. Here you can save the image on google drive remember to rename the image and to enter the folder named specifically to forget it

5. To go back to take a picture, press the back button

Instructions for fixing webcam errors cannot be turned on or the camera is not found on Chromebook

  1. Press the Refresh key and the power button at the same time the system will be restarted
  2. Check if your Chromebook has received a webcam by going to Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy -> Content settings -> Media
  3. Check the section Media section Camera has a select box drop down like: Chromebook HD Camera (04f2-b471) otherwise bring the device to warranty
  4. If yes, please try to open another application that opens the webcam like skype. If you can access it, you need to reinstall the original application or install everything back to default by Settings -> Advanced -> Reset settings

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