How to change twitter name font

3 steps to change twitter name font extremely easily in 2019. With hundreds of font styles dedicated to your name on twitter will help you stand out and personalize more than 120 million other twitter accounts. Comes with a guide to changing your twitter theme.

How to change twitter name font
  • Change twitter name font
  • Change the twitter theme

Twitter nam font WonHowTo

Tutorial to change twitter name font

Change the font for your twitter name

Step 1: Go to the Twitter font generator. To create a special font that works on twitter. Type your name in the input box. Hundreds of super beautiful font styles for you to choose.

Click edit profile Twitter

Click edit profile

Change name Twitter

Change name Twitter

Step 2: Copy the font you like. Then go to twitter and click Edit profile. And paste the name you copied above into the name section.

Save Change Twitter WonHowTo

Step 3: Save Change. Done.

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How to change the twitter theme

Step 1: Click on the Edit profile, in the bio twitter section click on the Theme color button. There are 10 colors available for you to choose.

change the twitter theme WonHowTo

Step 2: Choose the color you like. In case you want another color, click the plus button. There will be an input box for you to enter the color code. Go here to get the color code, get the hex color code, just take 6 characters. Example: ff6666 remove the hash mark.

Step 3: Save Change. Done

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