How to save gifs from twitter

Guide you to save gif from twitter to your computer without installing any latest software 2019

How to save gifs from twitter

Save gif from twitter will be in mp4 format. Although there is no official option to download GIF images from Twitter and when right-clicking on an image with the "Copy Video Address" button appears, there is a way to save gif to your computer without installing any applications:

How to save a gif from twitter on computer

Step 1: On the chrome browser or firefox you visit twitter, at the twitter screen you press f12. A DecTools window appears

A DecTools window

Step 2: Click on the area selection tool in the top left corner of the DevTools window. Or press Ctrl + Shift + C

Click on the area selection tool in the top left corner of the DevTools window

Step 3: Hovering on the loaded gif image will show a greened area ie the element selection you clicked on it. At the DevTools screen, you will see that the link element contains the following video source:

Select link gift DevTools twitter WonHowTo

Step 4: After finding the source link of the gif image, copy and paste it into another window on the browser you are using, here is chrome. Press Ctrl + S to save the gif image to your computer.

save gif from twitter

Done. If you need to change the font for twitter name, you can refer to this article: twitter name font. You can change exotic fonts via Weird text generator

How to save gifs from twitter iphone

First of all, you must download the GIFwrapped app to your iOS device.

Free application and requires from iOS 9 and above. Besides, it also has the iMessage option that allows you to message with interesting GIFs. Here are instructions for downloading GIF images to iPhone with GIFwrapped:

Step 1. Open the Twitter application on your iOS device and then open the GIF image you want to download.

Step 2. Click the up arrow button and select Share Tweet via ...

Step 3. Click Copy link to Tweet

Now, you will receive a notification, the link of the image is saved to the clipboard.

Step 4. Open the GIFwrapped application. Then, click on the search tab and select Use the Clipboard.

Step 5. Next, you will see the GIF file.

Touch the file then select the Share button in the top right corner. Now, a menu will appear with many options, tap Save to Library.

Step 6. Click on the Library tab and select the video you just saved. Then press the Share button again.

Next, click Save to Files → Select Folder and click Add at the top right to confirm.

Now, whenever you want to use that GIF, open the Files app → open the saved folder and use the image.

How to save gifs from twitter on android

There are quite a few applications that allow you to save GIF images from Twitter to your Android device. Including Tweet2gif application. The application is also free and requires from Android 4.0.3 and up.

  • Open the Twitter application on the Android device.
  • Now, find the GIF image you want to save. Click the small arrow button in the top right corner and select Copy Link to Tweet.
  • Next, open the Tweet2Gif application and click Paste.
  • Next, click Download. There are 2 download options as GIF files or as MP4 video files. Please select Download GIF. Now open Google Photos and find saved GIF files.


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