How to mass delete tweets posted on Twitter

Can you delete all your tweets at once? The article explains how to remove all tweets without having to see and choose to delete each tweet.

How to mass delete tweets posted on Twitter

Although you may have used social networks like Twitter for a long time and sometimes happy to "wade" the old tweet.

But the previous concern is a lot of rumors related to privacy, personal information or just simply want to refresh your account ... there is a way for you to delete tweets without having to see and choose to delete each tweet.

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Here are the steps for you:

Step 1: Select the tool. 

There are many applications that help manage Twitter history and clean them up easily, including free and paid applications. The most popular is TweetDelete, a free web application that allows you to delete Twitter history and set a calendar to delete future tweets. Another free app is TwitWipe, but it's a lot of advertising and hard to use.

Delete many tweets with one click!

If you find paid services, you can choose TweetDeleter or TweetEraser. TweetDeleter costs $ 5.99 / month and gives up to 3,000 tweets a day, automatically deleting for a certain period of time. The $ 8.99 version can delete all in a single time and also re-publish the archive.

Similar TweetEraser, priced at $ 6.99 for 30 days, allows you to import archives, support multiple accounts, no ads.

Step 2: Save the tweet (if you want)

Before deleting tweets, you can save them, if you use services like TweetDeleter or TweetEraser, you can reload the archive later or simply save it in a folder later to review.

To get the archive on Twitter, go to Settings, click on the Your Twitter Data tab on the left and look to Twitter Archive. From here you can ask Twitter to send the archive to the email that came with your Twitter account. Usually a .zip file will be received, including the index.html file for review in the browser.

Step 3: Delete the history on Twitter

The article will guide deleting with TweetDelete because this tool is both free, easy to use and also selected by many people. First, remember that Twitter's programming interface only deletes up to 3,200 tweets, unless you use paid tools for immediate deletion.

First log in, then start deleting with up to 3,200 tweets each time. For example, if you tweet 15,000 times, you will have to delete 5 times in a row. Log in to your Twitter account, then authenticate the application and select the Delete all my existing tweets before activating this schedule option and select Activate.

Note: If only deleting tweets for a while, such as tweets longer than a year, do not select Delete all my existing tweets.

Delete tweets from your Twitter feed in bulk to protect your privacy or make a fresh start.

First, skip to the auto-delete scheduler because you need to let TweetDelete be active until it is completely deleted. Previously, uncheck Post to my feed and Follow @Tweet_Delete. Also note that tweets will be deleted gradually, you can check by F5 re-posting your page.

Step 4: Set the time

If only tweet less than 3,200 times or want to delete the tweet that will be posted, select the automatic delete schedule, it will overwrite the last deletion or any time in the future with options 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

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