Funny twitter names

Top trend 99 + Funny and cool twitter names for you. Important notes you must know when naming the twitter account.

Funny twitter names

The rule to set the username of twitter is uppercase and lowercase letters, unique numbers and underscores and must not exist on the twitter system. Because of that, sometimes your name has been matched with an existing account, so you don't know what you should name your account.

If you had chosen a good name for myself. So why not make it stand out. With this twitter name font tutorial will help you do that

How to change your username ?

How to change your username

Step 1: Click profile and setting (small circle containing your avatar in the top right hand corner)

Step 2: Click Settings and privacy.

Update username twitter

Step 3: Update the name you want in the username field. If the usable name you can save.

Changing your username will not affect your followers.

How to Choose a Good Twitter Username ? 

If it is a personal account, choose your real name. Because it is easier to secure your account and identify who you are.

In addition, the number of new subscribers is very high and because the name on twitter is unique, if you do not want your name to be username123, quickly create a beautiful name for yourself.

In case your name has been set, please add some prefixes. The list of fun names below will be a few suggestions for you.

If it is a business account. You should choose one as the company name two contains the keywords you need. Because when users search for services or products on twitter with the correct name, they will help customers find you.

Important: Give a short name because twitter only allows you to limit 15 characters.

List of good twitter names

Funny twitter names
@2Legit2Quit @404UserNotFound @6InchStilettos @arrypottah
@b0ringtweets @beans @BearJew36 @big_ben_clock
@bigdildo @Bitchin_Blair @BlackBoiPachino @Blade_Runnerz
@Bronz_Beautie @ColonelKickass @CosmoCoCo @coveredinbees
@Dallas_Boy89 @DeathStarPR @DepressedDarth @DJFury44
@DontMessWithMe @DrummrDrew @DrunkHulk @Dutch_Oven45
@elephant @evilkitten @faceeater @FakeScience
@FartinFrankie @Fat_Kyle @Feel_My_Bicep @friend
@gaybatman @getmoney @Good @grandpa
@hamsterdeath @ImDahDude @James_Phelps007 @JamminJackson
@JerkSuperman @KarlTheFog @KeepitDope_Joe @LeathrNLace
@Lil_Angel_Face @LittleMomma03 @LivLaughLov @LucyInTheSky
@LvMyHbby @Magik_Mike @manbearwolf @MasterofPuppets
@McShayne @Merry_Krismas @MorganFreakman @MunchsTheScream
@MyAwkwardTweet @MyToaster @NASAVoyager2 @NatHistoryWhale
@NorthernLightz @notzuckerberg @o0Angelina0o @OMG_its_Laura
@OMGFacts @P1nkPr1nce55 @pink_bracelets @PinkPistachio
@QBKilla @Queen_UK @RideDatPonyTony @sadsquatch
@ScubaSteeve @SexHulk @SexiNiKnowit @ShakespeareSays
@shattdueces @SheilaBaby @smalldildo @StrokeOGenius
@swordfighting @TeeJay_Thompson @The_Muffin_Man @The91Freeway
@TheOnion @TheOrangeCone @TheTweetofGod @TickleMe_Pink
@Tori_the_Taurus @TuTuTulip @tweetingseat @TwilightFangurl
@twitbro @VanillaCupcake69 @Vixen_in_Vegas @WeBoughtAZ00
@xoVictoriaox @XxPoker_FacexX @XxXDirtyDanXxX @ZombieReagan

Should I use real name on twitter?

Well if you are working on an internet environment and want to build a personal brand. Want more people to know me.

Don't worry too much about security. Because twitter has a feature that allows you to display personal information to who and what.

Hope with the article Funny twitter names will help you choose a suitable name. And if you have a good name, please let everyone know.

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