Fake twitter account generator

With WonHowTo's fake twitter account generator you can create a fake twitter account with photos without knowing photoshop.

Fake twitter account generator

The fake twitter account generator will create a photo that looks exactly like a real account on twitter with the information you fill in. Available versions from pc to mobile, ios or android operating system.

Some ideas when using fake twitter account generator:

Fake twitter account generator

  • You want to have fun with your friends with an account of a celebrity who is referring to you in their bio twitter section.
  • You want to create a new look for your twitter but afraid to edit continuously will affect those who are following you.
  • Or sometimes I want to show my friends my twitter account that has millions of followers, owning the authentic green of twitter.
  • A fake account for school or students to prank classmates is also good.

How to use the fake twitter account generator:

Edit twitter header information with fake twitter account generator

Step 1: Fill in the information you want to fake in the top column, including information such as: Number of Tweets, Following, Followers, Likes, Lists, Moments. 

Edit bio twitter Tech Me Out Son Nguyen

Step 2: In the left column you enter the next information such as Username, Bio, Local, link, date, born, number of photos.

Step 3: Upload necessary photos including photos in the header, profile photos and 6 photos in the photo section.

Create fake tweet

Step 4: Create a tweet that says you need a 140-character piece of text here that allows you to create up to 280 characters. An image that represents tweet, date, number of Reply, likes, Retweet. Here if you want to create a fake tweet, you can use the fake tweet generator with image.

Step 5: Review the complete content correctly and sufficiently. If ok press save it. The system will automatically generate the twitter account image you just created and download it to you.

The interface of the fake twitter account generator is identical to the latest 2019 twitter version. In addition to the PC version interface, you can create it on the mobile version, even in the dark mode.

Hopefully, the tool will help you to find the mockup twitter version to download and photoshop. Or it takes time to edit and capture screen images from some apps. Well we are building a fake messenger generator if you are interested.

The fake twitter account generator is about to finish if you find it helpful or need to add a feature please comment so we can add.

Thank you for reading the article hoping to help you have more fun in life.

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