Fake chat Messenger

Fake Chat Messenger is a tool that helps you quickly create chat conversations on Facebook with photos without knowing photoshop.

Fake chat Messenger

Create fake chat now: Messenger Generator

Fake chat Messenger

Surely when surfing facebook or any other social network you come across Messenger images with very interesting chat conversations.

These chat conversations are often quickly viral online with lots of likes and shares. Such as 9gag's facebook section. There are lots of very funny conversation situations

You also have a lot of ideas to create those interesting conversations. However, to design images with facebook chat conversations. It's not easy for you, you don't know how to use photoshop. Even knowing it will take you too much time.

And below is a tool to create fake messenger. It will not take more than 5s to create an image of your interesting conversation:

Link: Messenger Generator

A few ideas to create fake chat for your reference:

  • Create fun conversations about love, work or a movie.
  • You are chatting with celebrities. Great to tease friends.
  • In case you are new to online business and want to generate some feedback from old customers, this is a useful tool for you to increase your business reputation.

How to create fake messenger chat:

You can edit directly on the chat preview.

In Tab Custom Chat will be an area for you to create a conversation between 2 people.

You can add an avatar of the person you want to fake in the conversation.

You can add photos in conversations and emoji icons.

In Tab Config will be where you configure the name, time and other parameters.

After completing the idea. You press save the system will automatically edit your chat into the final image is downloaded and shared on real.

Anywhere you want to increase your followers.

All conversations you create are not saved on our system, so you can be assured of creating all kinds of content you want.

Upcoming features for the fake message creation tool:

Fake group chat generator.

Fake chat for ios, android

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