How to get more views on tiktok

The latest trick to get more views on Tiktok has been verified.

How to get more views on tiktok

You posted a video on Tiktok a long time ago but the views are still 0. And most of your videos are in the same situation and you don't know why. Here is the optimal way for you to get more views on Tiktok.

1. Good video quality

On Tiktok you only have 1 second to attract users' attention. If the video quality is too bad, or you add too many flickering, blurring video effects, it will make viewers very uncomfortable. Your video will be skipped.

2. Select trending music

Users often like and comment on a topic, the Tiktok algorithm will suggest videos with the same audio topic. Selecting trending music first will also help you brainstorm ideas for your video.

3. Be worth watching

Just have a user interact with one of your videos, or view your profile. The next tiktok video views of the user, Tiktok will recommend your other videos. From there, the overall views on all your other videos will increase. So impress users on each video.

4.Create videos with short duration

Short, easy-to-entertainment videos create explosive effects and make users watch over and over again. Some tricks like dividing video content into parts will make users curious and go to all parts of the video.

5.Create video captions with questions

When you ask questions, users will have topics to interact with and comment on your video. Or you can add hot trending sentences, which is also a way to increase interaction.

6. #Hashtags

Hashtags are the fastest way for TikTok to understand what your content is about. As usual you will also choose the trending hashtags to include in the video. The number of hashtags is usually 3 to 4. Note the addition of the following hashtags: #FYP and #ForYouPage will help your video show up on people's For You feed. To find trending hashtags go to the Explore tab, then click Trending

7. Choose the best time to post Tiktok

You'll want to post videos when your audience is most online. Choosing the right time will have a great effect on whether your video will trend from there and have a lot of views.

This is an article that will explain very well as well as detail how you can discover the best time to post videos on Tiktok.

8. Duet with celebrities or trending videos

You probably already know what Duet is. Currently, the most prominent duet are duets, situational interactions with celebrities. Or react to trending videos. It is very easy to get user interaction.

9. Promote your videos on many other platforms

You can embed Tiktok videos on the web, share via other social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Is one of the ways to increase views equally effective.

10. Reply to comments in the video

Responding to comments in the video will make it easier for users to become your loyal fans. Also you can create a video replying to the comments that will also get the fans excited. Creating small challenges is a suggestion for you.

Above are the easiest ways to get more views on Tiktok that you can apply. The article will continuously update more tips hope you like this article.

Post by Son Nguyen · in 06-04-2022 · view: 177