How to schedule tweets on twitter with TweetDesk

Did you know you can post tweets on twitter on schedule. This article explains how to create scheduled tweets using the latest TweetDeck 2019

Setting up a twitter account with many followers requires you to provide a lot of useful content. In addition, tweets updated daily at critical times will increase the level of interaction and reach many other twitter accounts.

Or simply as a birthday greeting on the right day, a certain event on time is scheduled to help you save a lot of effort.

Understanding that Twitter has brought us the TweetDeck tool. In addition to useful utilities, scheduled tweets will have many other useful features that will be updated in subsequent posts.

Schedule Tweets Tweetdeck

The steps for creating a tweet posting schedule on TweetDeck are as follows:

Step 1: Visit: And login if you have not logged in to twitter, if you are logged in tweetdeck will automatically login to help you.

New Tweet

Step 2: Click the New Tweet button on the top left corner.

Select the date and time of tweet Tweet at Schedule Tweet

Step3: After completing the tweet. Click on the Tweet Schedule. A popup calendar will appear to select the date and time of the Tweet.

The last step is to click the Tweet button (Time). Or press Ctrl + Enter to post.

Step 4: The last step is to click the Tweet button (Time). Or press Ctrl + Enter to post.


Tip: Use the twitter font generator to create tweets that match context. Example Happy Birthday Tweet, create a fun font and happy birthday meme.

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