How to delete Instagram or disable temporarily

You want to delete an instagram account or simply disable it for some reason. This is the guide for you

How to delete Instagram or disable temporarily
  • How to permanently delete Instagram account
  • How to disable Instagram temporarily

Note to readers, when you've permanently deleted your Instagram account, you can't get back your account or data like photos and videos posted. So download Instagram data to your computer before pressing delete account.

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How to permanently delete Instagram account

Step 1: Users access the link below to delete Instagram account.

Step 2: In this interface you will see your Instagram account name. Below the user will be asked why you want to delete the account.

How to delete Instagram or disable temporarily

Step 3: After selecting the reason you will be asked to re-enter your personal Instagram password to confirm. At the To continue page, please re-enter your password (To continue, enter your password) enter your account password.

pass instagram

Finally, click on the button Permanently delete my account (Delete my account permanently).

Premanently delete my account

How to disable Instagram temporarily

Step 1: You login to your Instagram account on your computer and then click on the humanoid icon to enter the profile page. 

person insta

Step 2: In this interface, users click on the Edit Profile button.

Edit profile instagram

Step 3: At the personal Instagram information editing interface, scroll down and click on Temporarily disable my account.

emporarily Disable Account

Step 4: At the interface as below, select the reason for locking the account at Why are you disabling your account? (Why do you disable the account.

Continue to enter the Instagram password below. And click the Temporarily Disable Account button (Temporarily disable the account).

The data in your Instagram account will still be retained and restored when logging back into Instagram.

So you already know how to delete Instagram accounts permanently, and disable Instagram temporarily. You should note, when deleting Instagram completely will not be able to retrieve the account, so carefully decide before doing so.

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