How to change the latest twitter update background 2019

Twitter has just updated and there is a new type of Lights out. And you will have 3 options for the background. How to change this background color

In the new update will make many people confused use. And inevitably, there are no editing options in the old version.

In this new version, many people think that it is not nice and not easy to use as in the old version but we cannot return to the old version even though we tried in many ways. There is only one way to practice using it.

How to change the latest twitter update background 2019

To change the background color is very simple.

Select More Twitter

Step 1: In the sidebar on the left-hand side of the last line select More.

Select Display in the dropdown window that appears

Step 2: Select Display in the dropdown window that appears.

Customize your view

Step 3: A popup Customize your view will have 3 choices

  • Font size
  • Color
  • Background

Let you customize the twitter interface

In addition to editing the interface in the new version, creating a fake tweet will be very difficult you will have to find a latest twitter mockup 2019 to download and edit. So why not use the fake tweet generator now updated according to the latest twitter interface

With the background color you will have 3 choices:

  • Default
  • Dim
  • Lights Out

After selecting, press Done. Give yourself a really cool interface.


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