Who Is Searching For You On Google

I’ve had several people ask me how they can find out how they can find out who is searching for them on Google. I usually respond back with another question asking why would someone be Googling their name?

Who Is Searching For You On Google

And if they are why are they worried about it? The common response to my question is usually to run a background check. This is when I usually roll my eyes in the back of my head.

First what I do is I explain to these poor souls that no one who does real background checks will use Google. The reason for this is because the information that is important for a background check is barried in a bunch of irrelevant content that Google searches will pull up. There fore it becomes pointless to run a background check in this manner. Most people who are serious about running background checks will use a service that will give only the info that is of any importance in standard background check. This is because they can perform a background check on a single person in less then five minutes with only the info they need instead of spending five days sifting through info that is worthless.

Of course people still want to know who is entering their name into Google. I sometimes respond with an answer like if you could find that info out I would stay far away from computers. Google would never openly offer such a service because Google wants people to use there search engine. If Google did something like that there would be to many complications and privacy issues involved.

For example lets say that one of the requirements to know who is searching for you on Google is to have an account on Google with your real name. Great now how does Google really know that is really you. Here’s a possible exploit that could be done in such a system.

I want to find out every person who is searching for the words Deep Throat. Well I just open up another Google account and tell Google my name is Deep Throat. Now I find out thousands of people who are searching the search query of Deep throat. Some of these people have important jobs and family. And now I know what they search for and I blog about it and completely destroy their lives.

Another solution that Google could do is using IP addresses to verify the person. This however has the same exact problems as above. First of all most people in the US have dynamic IP addresses which means they change often. So there isn’t a hard security method to prevent from a similar attack as mentioned above. Not only that but people these days go online everywhere there local coffee shops, bookstores, libraries, phones, laptops desktops. All of these places will have different IP addresses. Then of course there are people who want an added peace of security by proxying their IP addresses. Which means websites don’t see there real IP address and only see the fake one which can look like your somewhere else in the world.

Now I’ve pretty much told you that it is pretty much impossible to get information on who is searching for you on Google. However there are solutions, but these solutions aren’t for the average person. Below I will mention some of the solutions you have to be able to find out who is searching for you on Google.

1: The easiest, cheapest and most orthodox solution involves purchasing an EMD domain name. Since a EMD is an exact match domain name it has better chance of climbing to the top of search engines. So if my name was Bill Gates I may choose to purchase domain names like and so on. It is usually recomended with EMD’s to not use dashes unless your name is hyphenated. After you have your EMD you should make a website for it.

In the website for your EMD you should use the keyword meta tags to better your results in getting the website further up in the search engines. After all this website is pretty much designed to act as sniper to find out people who are searching for you.

Next use Keywords in the website content. For example Bill Gates might say on his website Hello my name is Bill Gates. And in the Title tags of the website we will want to have our name in there as well. Something like I’m Bill Gates.

After we have our site for our EMD we will need to use Google Analytics and insert the Google Analytics tracking code into the site. This way when ever some body comes to the site we will have their information.

The pros to the above method is that is is extremely cheap and in some cases it can be free. The cons are that it takes some work and effort. And it wont be affective if you want to find out who has searched for you before you have made your website.

2: You can use Google Keyword tool to get an idea of how many people search for your name in a single month. But this works best if your name isn’t common. People whos names are more common will show more results. The keyword tool will only tell you how many people have searched a certain keyword and not who they are.

If enough people are searching a keyword you may want to get more information on it by putting it into Google Trends.

3: Pay Google or some other company some money to give you this information. You may need to provide a valid reason as to why you need such information. And telling them that you just want it will most likely not be a valid reason. Also be prepared to spend a lot of money for such a service.

4: Become friends with someone dealing with the law. And get them to flat out lie to the court to get a court order for Google to release such information. Of course this would entail dishonesty and would prove corruption in the legal system. Hope that the general public doesn’t find out about that or they will not be happy with law enforcement.

5: If you suspect a certain person is looking for you on Google then you can ask the person. If you suspect they are lying you can break into their computer install some malware that will track everything they do. Hopefully they will log into there Google account and you will see their login information. Then you can login to their account and view their search history.

6: If all else fails. You can always just breach Google’s security on there servers. And break into Google’s servers and obtain any information that you want on them. Then please E-Mail me and tell that you have done just that, so I can call the authorities and have you locked up.

In short there really aren’t a lot of options. The internet is supposed to be place that people can feel safe to get information without being judged or looked at wrong. If such options where available to everyone and their brother for free or at little cost people would be less trusting on the web and turn to other sources. Honestly the idea of people getting my information on the internet is a lot more appealing to me then the idea of people breaking into my house while I’m not home placing bugs in my place and going threw my garbage. And that is very strong possibility if people had distrust in the internet as they do for people they are running checks on.

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