Protecting Websites With CDNs

I’ve written in the past several times about DDOS attacks. And even though there is no guarantee that you will ever be fully protected from such attacks. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to prevent them. In the beginning of May you may have noticed the Tech Me Out website was down for about 11 hours. This was due to a DDOS attack and only shows that it can really happen to anyone. Tech Me Out is now protected by CDNs.

Protecting Websites With CDNs

A CDN is a Content Distribution Network. In short it is pretty much a group of servers all around the world that cache websites. So if for any reason your site goes down cached copies of the site kick in it’s place. Preventing downtime, and loss of traffic which could lead to loss of money. There are many companies that offer this service. In this post I will be writing about setting up CloudFlare.

Setting Up CloudFlare

The first thing you need to do is head on over to Then sign up to the site. After you have signed up to the site you will need to add your site to CloudFlare servers. This is done very easily, by pretty much just scanning all the DNS settings then copying those settings over to their servers. The last thing that is needed is to switch to their name servers. Below is step by step instructions.

Click the Add Site link located in the top right hand corner of your CloudFlare account.

Next you will be asked to type your websites domain name in. I have used just the domain and the TLD ( and it tends to find the site just fine. But if for some reason it can’t also add the protocal such as HTTP or HTTPS ( or

After you have typed the domain name in click the green button that says Scan DNS Records.

You will start to see CloudFlare run a scan on the site. When it is done running the scan you will see a new green button appear that says Continue Setup click the button. It will then list all of your DNS records. Make sure all of your DNS records appear correct. Then at the bottom of the page you will see a green button that says ContinueSo if everything is correct click the Continue button.

Now you will have the option to pick a package that is best suited for you. Currently there is the Free version, the Pro Version, Business version and the Enterprise version. The Pro version is $20.00 per month and the Business version is $200.00 per month.

Pick the version that is best for you. Then click add payment method, and enter your Payment information. After you have entered your payment information you will click the green button at the bottom that says Continue.

It will now ask you to change your current name servers. So if your using Big Ben’s Web Hosting as your hosting provider you will change the and name servers to the ones that CloudFlare assigns to you.

Don’t be scared usually when changing Name Servers you experience downtime for about 24 to 48 hours. CloudFlare assures you this wont happen, and I didn’t experience it when I did it.

Note: If your setting up CloudFlare on your Word Press site and you have WordFence installed you will get an E-Mail from WordFence telling you the DNS records have been changed. Don’t worry they have been changed, you changed them when you changed the Name Servers over to Cloud Flare.

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