Accessing the Darknet with I2P

In my last blog I wrote was about using proxies with FoxyProxy and setting up to to view .onion websites found on the TOR network. Today I will be showing you how to access another portion of the Darknet. This portion is I2P.

Accessing the Darknet with I2P

How I2P Works

If your familiar with things like bit torrent and bitcoin then the idea of sharing bandwidth and decentralization should be easy for you to understand. And that is pretty much what I2P does.

You a lot a portion of your bandwidth to the network for everyone on the network to use, eventually making unlimited bandwidth for everyone on the network. It also will download data from each website to your computer so you can view each site safely. The more people who uses I2P the stronger it becomes and harder it becomes for people to break into it.

Accessing I2P

Like all of the Darknet you must set your computer up to be able to use it. I2P offers a download to be able to easily access .i2p websites. Once you have downloaded the I2P installer you can install the average way you install any program. However the installer is written in JAVA so you will need to have JAVA installed on your computer to be able to use the installer.

Once it has been installed you will open up a terminal and cd into the installation directory. Then you will execute the i2prouter program. Here is an example.

cd i2p
i2prouter start

Note that I have start after i2prouter that will start it. To stop it you will use stop.

Configure FoxyProxy

Click on the FoxyProxy icon on your browser and then click Add New Proxy. Now you will enter for the proxy address and 4444 for the port number.

In the URL Patterns tab you will want to check the option that says Do Not Use This Proxy For Internal IP Addresses. Once that has been checked you will click Add New Pattern and type the following pattern.


Remember to use the Asterisk and that it is spelled exactly as I have it above. Now you will want to make sure that Whitelisted is checked then click Okay and exit out of FoxyProxy Option window.

Prepare I2P

In your web browsers address bar type this will bring you to the section that allows you to decide how much bandwidth you choose to share.

Play around with the settings until your at a point that your comfortable. It is worth mentioning the more bandwidth you share the more secure you will be and the faster I2P websites will run, however the more you share with the I2P network the slower all websites on the World Wide Web will run.

Now you wait about 5 to 10 minutes for peers to start using some of your bandwidth. Once peers start connecting you will be able to browse some I2P sites.

Viewing I2P Sites

If you go to in your browsers address bar you will be at the home of your I2P console. Here you will see some I2P sites. However keep in mind there are a lot more out there that aren’t listed in the console. But for an example you can use just some of these sites.

The first site they have listed is https://anoncoin.i2p if you click on that it should direct you to the site if it didn’t please check if everything is setup correctly.

Setting Up I2P Mail

What’s the fun in using the Darknet if you can’t send email safely. Luckily I2P realizes this and offers their own E-Mail service which is decentralized just like the rest of the I2P network. To setup your E-Mail go to in your address bar and click Register. Fill out the registration and when your done wait about 5 minutes and you will be able to send and recieve E-Mails.


I2P is just one of many types of alternate internet options, that gives you the freedom that your losing on the world wide web. All of these alternative internet are limited in content due to the fact that they aren’t as widely used. However you gain freedom and security when you do use them and the more people who choose to use these networks the better they will become.

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