8 font styles will help you succeed on social networks

Ranking 8 fonts brings the most likes and hearts on facebook and twitter. Apply now will make your social networking accounts more professional.

8 font styles will help you succeed on social networks

You're thinking social networks have nowhere else to allow for font changes. Even if you change the font on the word and then paste it into the post, the font will not work.

But really, you can create many posts and tweets with different fonts.

In this article, we summarize 8 font styles that help you express the most emotions and show you how to create it.

1. Bold font

The segments you need your audience to pay attention and remember. And you can even capitalize and bold in a way that shows a Yayyyyy. You come here to create offline. Not only 1 but also 5 bold styles for you to customize:

Bold font generator

2. Underline text

Usually if underlined text is usually a link to another page or website. You can troll your friends like please click here to go somewhere and there will surely be many people fooled :))

Underline text

Here you will also have many different types of underlining you can use to enrich your posts. In particular, there is a type of Strikethrough such as a mark that has completed a certain task, for example.

3. Circle text 

This is a font that I really like. It's like a bubble so suitable for greetings such as birthdays or full months. A little flair for making your post more fun.

Circle text generator

Or you can even use it for logos.

4. Wavy text

Correct by the name. The letters bend like they are wavy. You can create similar types of choices in the game

Wavy text

5. Cursive font

Look exactly like a handwritten font. You can create it as a letter, a message from someone or it can be you for the person you love. Or use to write a moody quote.

Cursive font generator

6. Double Struck font

This is a modern font style. You can apply a lot of words, such as mathematical characters, the title of a post, or an offer to sell clothing. It will be extremely stimulating and curious when customers surf facebook and see your post

Double Struck font generator

7. Invisible font 

With lots of jamming characters it makes the text in it more difficult to read than usual. You can use it to illustrate a certain result, such as a lottery. Or as a captcha code

Invisible font generator

8. Currency font

Currency characters will replace regular letters. Surely this will be a great font for paragraphs that mention money. Will be a lot more vivid than regular typefaces

Currency font generator

Above are 8 common font styles. Also you can create many different font styles here. Usage is extremely simple just copy the text to be converted and pasted into the input box. Then choose a font that suits you best and paste it into social networks like facebook or twitter, instagram.

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