7 tricks to use twitter you must know

How many tricks you already know when using Twitter. In this article, I will summarize the simple but extremely useful tips and are very easy to apply to your twitter account.

7 tricks to use twitter you must know

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1. Change twitter name font

Thinking that a name is hard and a good name is often gone. And the username is the first thing any visitor to your account will see.

So with the article how to change the font name twitter will simultaneously solve for you 2 problems. Help you create a special name with a special font that strongly impress your twitter account.

2. Funny twitter names

You already have a font converter and you're still stuck with the idea for your account name. Do not worry with the article that suggests the idea of funny names for twitter will be very helpful for you.

Not only suggest fun names, but also statistics names that are hot trends right now. Comes with details on how to edit your account name if you forget.

3. Save gifs from twitter

Have you ever encountered an extremely interesting animation on twitter. And you want to save on your computer to share on another social network or on your own personal website.

The article summarizes you 3 ways to save gift photos from twitter. From how to save without installing any software to ways to save on iphone or android operating systems.

4. Change twitter background

For those who are new to twitter for the first time, it is inevitable. I don't know where it is, sometimes you want to set the background to black for ease of reading but forget where to edit. Then this article is for you.

5. share private Tweet

The tweet for your lover will naturally be private. Or for some other reason that you only want the people you designate to see your tweet, the tutorial for sharing private tweets will be helpful for you.

6. Delete multiple tweets on twitter

There are too many reasons to delete tweets but having to manually delete each tweet will be a nightmare if there are too many tweets.

The article will guide you to delete and mass backup the entire content before deleting if you need to read again.

7. Schedule tweets on twitter with TweetDesk

This is great for someone who is too busy at work and doesn't have much time to tweet. Or suppose you have specific campaigns, such as deals, but can't get up on time and post, this tool will solve that problem for you.

Schedule tweets weetDesk

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