Word art google docs

Word Art is a feature that helps highlight text you can use to make a title, caption, and caption turn on. Word Art can also insert images and especially you can export to different formats like JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF

Word art google docs

How to do Word Art in Google Docs

Step 1: At the Google Docs screen, click on the Insert tab, then click on the Drawing Board

Insert word Art in google docs Wonhowto

Here you can create or reuse Word Art templates created or downloaded from the web to edit

Step 2: Create a new one, click on + New. A Popup Drwaing screen appears. In the Google Apps drawing window, select Actions then Word Art.

Drawing Word art Wonhowto

There is a small input window where you enter the text to save and you just need to press Enter. Use Shift + Enter for multiple lines.

Create word art google docs wonhowto

In particular, you can also create multiple Word Art in the popup window by clicking on the action and then choose word art

Edite Word Art Wonhowto

Step 3: Edit. You can change the text size, change the font color, background color, border, rotate

Double kick to edit word art google docs

Step 4: After editing, click Save and Close to bring WordArt out of the docs

Step 5: If not satisfied, you can edit word Art by double clicking

Instructions for exporting newly created Word Art

Double click on Word Art paragraph. Select Action then select download. There will be 4 formats for you to choose JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF.


In addition, there is another tip to make the text stand out more in the form of a complete check list first that is to use Strikethrough google docs to explore.

Accomplished. Hope the article will be useful for you.

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