Strikethrough google docs

The Strikethrough is a feature on the word processor that allows creating horizontal lines between the phrase you want and you can still read.

Strikethrough google docs

What does strikethrough text mean?

Strikethrough is a typographical presentation of words with a horizontal line through their center, resulting in: text like this.

With text on paper the use of synonyms crossed out those words

However, when used on the computer screen, it indicates the information has been deleted recently. It can also be intentionally used to refer to a change of mind.

Or when there is a list of things to do. It means things are done

How do you strikethrough text? 

Step 1:- First of all, you need to select the portion of text you want to add strikethrough effect. Then click on Format.

How to do strikethrough in google docs

Step 2:- Then click Text. Please select the option Strikethrough your text will change.

strikethrough google docs

Now the selected text is changed to a strikethrough.

markdown strikethrough

How do I undo strikethrough in Google Docs?

- If you want to revert the strikethrough effect, simply highlight the text you want to recover and select the steps above.

- Or, highlight the phrase and quickly press the key combination (Ctrl +) as Clear formatting

How do I undo strikethrough in Google Docs

What is the shortcut for strikethrough?

Mac Computer:-  ⌘+Shift+X.

Windows Computer:-  Alt+Shift+5

Linux distros:-  Alt+Shift+5

One more tip when you have a list of top things on google docs, you know you can add a comment in each of them for example:

To-do List:

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Game

You can add text formats like

Stabbed printing: *bold*

Italic: _italic_

Strikethrough: -strikethrough-

Use the -strikethrough comment - like to say I have done it first, isn't it?

Strikethrough in comment



Strikethrough in comment

Strikethrough in comment


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