How to make columns in google docs

Creating text columns on Word is also a way to decorate the content of documents, as well as to make the layout of content easier to see, especially with information content, etc. Users can create text column borders, Add the text column separator line, ... a lot of techniques for handling different Word text columns. So with Google Docs can we create text columns?

How to make columns in google docs

Google Docs also has a feature to split text columns to create bulletin boards, advertisements, and sheets, etc. We can adjust the column size according to the needs of document layout. The following article will show you how to create a text column on Google Docs.

How to make columns on google docs

Step 1: First you need to black out the text you want to create a column, or create a column and enter the content as well. Click on the Select Format section in the Columns. Users will then see there are 3 column types to separate text content.

how to make columns in google docs by wonhowto

For example, choose to split into 3 columns of documents as below.

how to make 3 columns in google docs

Step 2: In case the user wants to adjust the text column, click More options. This will display the Column Options dialog box interface. Here the user enters the number of columns to create at the Number of columns, the exact distance between the text columns in Spacing, adding lines between the document columns. Finally click Apply.

Edit columns

The result will be the column content as shown below.

How to make two columns in google docs

The result will be the column content as shown below.

Step 3: In case the user creates a column before entering the content, to move to the next column, it is necessary to break the column. Click Insert, select Break, then select Column Break. Then the cursor will automatically jump to the next column to enter the content.

Column break

Step 4: If you want to return to the text format as before, highlight the entire contents of the column and select Format, then select the column entry and then click on a column to return to the previous text.

 return to the text format

Basically creating a Google Docs text column is similar to Word, there are also options to choose the number of columns, sizes, and lines between columns. You need to pay attention to enter content to the next column, you need to stop the column.

You have learned how to make 3 columns in google docs but you already know how to create Wordart google docs to create a catchy title.

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