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Create fake tweets with 3 new background colors Default, Dim, Lights. Available fake tweet generator with replies. Ex: screen shots of celebrities like Trump to prank friends. Or share your image tweet with thousands of likes and shares. Or sometimes you just want to create a funny tweet to share on websites like 9gag, facebook. Without having to find and download mockup versions or create fake tweets on photoshop

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WonHowTo @WonHowTo .15 hours ago

I just won 1 billion dollars yesterday WonHowTo

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WonHowTo @WonHowTo .15 hours ago

I just won 1 billion dollars yesterday WonHowTo

Fake Tweet Generator

Create a fake tweet now: Fake Tweet Generator

fake tweet generator of WonHowTo Son Nguyen

Have you noticed the text on the image using strange fonts? There are many people asking how to create the font above and here is how I created it using the weird text generator.

Twitter Statistics

Total Number of Monthly Active Twitter Users:

330 million (source)

Last updated: 06/26/19

Total Number of Tweets sent per Day:

500 million (source)

With huge user volume. With a huge amount of tweet, twitter's attraction is too great. So why not try to create a fake tweet that has millions of likes to trick your friends once for fun.

How does a fake tweet generator work ?

Fake Tweets Generator with image works based on html/css and a bit of js, jquery so that when you enter your profile information such as name, message, photo, date, retweetes, likes count.

Important to the picture profile, take the latest picture of the character you want to fake tweet to look like it is real.

How does a fake tweet generator work


The system will automatically print the information your news on html div is like a real tweet on twitter, so you don't have to take photoshop  or find and download blank twitter template if you're in need of creating a Fake Tweets.

How to make a fake tweet generator ?

After editing the saved information, you can check the information correctly in the preview section, The system will fake tweeting the image generator so that you can download the photo or screenshot and upload or share on social networks.

Fake tweet maker on WonHowTo is developed based on the latest tweet of twitter 2019 both on the pc and mobile android or ios versions of iphond, even the dark mode or app mode.

To add confidence, the system will count the number of characters as real tweets. You can also tweet on twitter only 140 characters and if you know how you can create twice as many characters as 280 characters.

Well you can create a blue verified (check mark) fake button. And there are also memes and twitter-like emoji available for you to create best quote tweets.

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Fake trump tweet generator

Example: fake trump tweet generator

Fake tweet generator WonHowTo will help you create real-life tweets. You can use it to prank friends like you have been chatting with celebrities like keyne west, elon musk for example.

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Thank you for reading the article hoping to help you have more fun in life.

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