Currency font generator

Create text-like currency fonts with the online currency font generator. Converted text can be used on facebook and twitter. All free.

Currency font generator

Social networks do not have a choice of fonts. You only have one default font type, sometimes your content will look boring. Using a different font type will help your tweet or post stand out more.

What font is used for money?

There are several types of currency fonts.:

What fonts are used on United States Currency?

U.S. currency does not use a font; each coin and bill denomination uses a hand-drawn design engraved onto custom dies for printing. LTR Federal is a commercial font designed to emulate the look of current denominations of U.S. banknotes. LTR Federal is available as both a traditional font package and as a vector image for one-time use. Source

However, one can find a font that is quite similar to the US currency here

The downside of using the fonts above is that you have to download the installation and use it only on word, excel and cannot use it on social networks.

With the currency font generator on Wonhowto, the modified characters look like pretty good currency characters. And especially you do not need to download and install any kind of font and can use it always.

There will be a lot of fonts to choose from. You can go here

This font can be used when you mention a money problem such as yesterday to eat all the money. Or buying this shoe is very expensive.

Using this currency font is like a page style for articles. And to be more beautiful, you should add money avatar for example.

How does the currency font generator work?

The characters you enter on the keyboard will be converted to unicode characters. That's why the generated text is usable wherever you want to tell social networks.

How to use the currency font generator?

  • Copy or type directly into the input box
  • Currency text will appear at the bottom. You just copy and paste anywhere you want.

Introducing you another great font to combine with the currency font which is the invisible font. With the invisible font generator you will create hard-to-see text. For example, if you are writing about a certain amount and want to make it difficult to read in some information, this font is extremely suitable.

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